Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fullmetal Alchemist Military Uniform Info

  A few friends of mine are going to be cosplaying Mustang and his subordinates ,so I decided to make this just as a little help for whoever wants to make a military unifrom from Fullmetal Alchemist.

First off, this is based off Colonel Roy Mustang's uniform from the 2003 anime. The words in orange are what's written in orange in the pictures (in case my handwriting sucks) the green numbers are the differences between Mustang's uniform  and the others. (Sorry for the poor picture quality!)

Uniform Without Top
1) Pockets would be here
2)Comes up to about bellybutton (true waist)
3)Ends at knee
4)Few inches below knee

1) The undershirt. I've noted that many of the military don different undershirts. For example, Roy Mustang wears a simple white button down while Riza Hawkeye wears a brown turtle neck.

Uniform Top

1)Last button (the circular one) touches the collar 
2)Five blue stripes four gold (See 2)
3) Goes from shoulder to under collar

2) Stripes on shoulder. The stripes vary depending on the person's rank. (See this page for the ranks FMA Military Ranks)
3)Badges? Some of the characters have this and some don't. I'm assuming they're awards of sorts. (I don't know much about military things)

Uniform Back

1) Slit ends (about) 1/2 foot (6 in) above knee

4)Back of the uniform/belt part. Riza Hawkeye's I've seen is different, in one episode she wears suspenders? A lot of the other state alchemists wear gun holsters on the back. 


1) Ends a few cm of wrist

5)Gloves. I know that Mustang has gloves while others like Armstrong have something like iron knuckles ,and  others nothing.
Armstrong's metal glove thingys

Mustang's gloves

Well, that's all. I hope it was helpful. 

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